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Why Choose BeeProxies for Your Proxy Needs?

Extensive IP Coverage

Gain access to over 200 million IPs spanning 190+ countries and regions, ensuring unparalleled global reach for your online activities.

Streamlined Ordering Process

Enjoy a seamless ordering experience through our intuitive Telegram Bot (@buybee_bot), making it effortless to procure the proxies you need.

Precise Targeting Options

Utilize advanced targeting capabilities, including city, state, and ISP-level targeting, to tailor your proxy usage according to your specific requirements and preferences.

Flexible Session Types

Choose from a variety of session types, such as sticky or rotating proxies, allowing you to adapt to different browsing or data collection needs with ease.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for a wide range of applications including social media management, advertising campaigns, and SEO optimization, BeeProxies empowers your online endeavors with its versatility.

Affordable Pricing

Unlock unbeatable prices starting at just $2.5/GB. With our cost-effective rates, you can maximize the internet's potential without straining your budget. Choose BeeProxies and break barriers without breaking the bank.

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3.000.000+ IPs

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1.000.000+ IPs

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200.000+ IPs

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900.000+ IPs

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500.000+ IPs

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20.000+ IPs


Easily create and manage multiple social media and eCommerce accounts. BeeProxies allows seamless operation of numerous accounts, facilitating effective management and scalability without the risk of bans or blocks.

Web Scraping

Extract and gather public web data to generate valuable insights and drive business growth. Our proxies provide the reliability needed to perform extensive scraping tasks efficiently, bypassing anti-scraping measures while maintaining anonymity.

Price Aggregation

Track and monitor prices across different platforms to stay competitive in dynamic markets. Use BeeProxies to access and collect pricing data globally, enabling effective market analysis and strategic pricing adjustments.

Ad Tech

Optimize your ad tech game with the ability to test ads, verify links, and manage CPA efficiently. Our proxies facilitate accurate ad placement and performance assessment across different regions, enhancing your advertising strategies.


Enhance your SEO strategy by collecting SERP data to boost your brand's visibility. BeeProxies enable you to access search engine results from various locations, providing essential data to refine SEO tactics and improve rankings.

Content Verification

Ensure the accuracy and safety of content before it reaches your audience. Use BeeProxies to simulate user interactions from various geographical locations, verifying the integrity and responsiveness of web content across different markets.

Data Security

Protect sensitive data from potential threats by routing traffic through secure proxy servers. BeeProxies offer robust encryption and anonymity, safeguarding your operations from cyber threats and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Competitive Intelligence

Gather and analyze competitor activities without revealing your identity. Our proxies enable you to discreetly monitor and research your competitors' strategies, helping you stay ahead in the market.